Support Women of Faith by Donating These Items

Our friends at the Women of Faith tell us these items are desperately needed! Contact the temple office for more information.



  1. **Disposable diapers: Sizes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
  2. Baby wipes
  3. New toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers
  4. Board books for babies/toddlers
  5. New receiving blankets, onesies
  6. Strollers (single, double, umbrella)

These need not be new but must be in good working condition and preferably clean.

  1. Car seats (all sizes)

Must not be more than six years from manufacture date – see manufacture date sticker on the side or back of seat.

  1. Baby swings, cradles (clean and in good working order)


School Supplies

  1. 2 Pencils
  2. Pens
  3. Erasers
  4. Pencil cases (box or pouch)
  5. Colored pencils
  6. Glue sticks
  7. Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks (college-ruled especially)
  8. Notebooks (mostly college, wide)
  9. Three-ring binders (all sizes)
  10. Pocket folders
  11. Scissors (blunt and for older students)
  12. Pencil sharpeners (small ones)
  13. Crayons
  14. Water color markers
  15. Highlighters
  16. Permanent markers (i.e. sharpies)
  17. New backpacks
  18. New lunch boxes or bags
  19. Index cards
  20. Subject dividers
  21. Construction paper (assorted colors)
  22. Calculators