June 15 Letter to Congregation

June 15, 2017

I am pleased to announce that we have formed a Task Force to search for our new Permanent or “Settled” rabbi.

Selecting its members was not an easy task. We have been very thoughtful and deliberative in this process. A number of congregants expressed interest in participating, proving once again how dedicated our members are to Temple and its future. In the end, we cannot choose everyone who expressed an interest so I apologize in advance to those that were not chosen. There will, however, be many opportunities for involvement as we move through the process.

The following is your Rabbinic Task Force:
Chair: Justin Swant

Task Force Members
Dr. Jeffrey Rosenfeld,  Stuart Sweet,  Marv Reiter, Marla Drake,  Debra Holder, Dr. Brad Hyman, Craig Beasley, Leslie Soltz, Joel Feinstein, Greg Weissman, Sidra Knox, Grace Lehmann

Members of the Task Force were selected for their unique perspectives and connections to Temple as well as their personal and professional backgrounds. It is my hope that these individuals represent a large cross section of Temple’s very diverse community. I have absolute confidence in each of these individuals’ commitment to our Temple and their shared obligation to serve all its members.

As the search process gets underway, we are committed to as much transparency as possible and pledge to keep the congregation informed at every step along the way. Updates will be available at: http://emanuelsb.org/about-us/rabbinic-search

The Task Force will begin to formally meet this month. Its goal is to submit an application with the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) by August 2017 and make recommendations to the Board of Directors by November/December 2017. Should these be approved, the Board will then present a candidate, or candidates, to the congregation for election by December 2017/January 2018.

The Task Force and the Board have no power to hire a Settled rabbi. That power resides solely with the congregation and its vote.

Congregation Emanu El’s future is bright and its best days are yet to come. Please join me in supporting the members of this Task Force as they begin their important, sacred work.

Greg Weissman, President