The 2013 Lionel Heller Memorial Concert was held on January 27, 2013 and featured cantors from all over the region, as well as a composition created for the occasion, "Who is Wise" by Jonathan Saltzman. The standing-room only was the first concert in our new synagogue at 1495 Ford Street. 

While video of the concert is unavailable, we are pleased to present the following MP3 files for download into iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any program that plays digital music. Click on a song to download!

Songs of Praise & Devotion

Hal’luyah [Psalm 150] Louis Lewandowski [1821-1894]Hallelujah!

Praise God in God’s sanctuary; praise God in the sky, God’s stronghold. Praise God for mighty acts; praise God for God’s exceeding greatness; Praise God with blasts of the shofar; praise God with harp and lyre. Praise God with timbrel and dance; praise God with lute and pipe. Praise God with resounding cymbals; praise God with loud-clashing cymbals; Let all that breathes praise God.

Samachti B’om’rim Li [Psalm 122:1-4, 6-9] Charles Osborne [b.1950]

I rejoice when they said to me: Let us go up to the House of God. Now we stand within your gates, O Jerusalem! Jerusalem, built to be a city where people come together as one! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you prosper! For the sake of my people, my friends, I pray you find peace. For the sake of the house of Adonai our God, I will see your good. Conductor: Cantor Sam Radwine

Kol Han'shamah T'haleil Yah [from Psalm 150] – Bonia Shur [1923-2012]

Let all that breathes praise God. Conductor: Cantor Sam Radwine

Avinu Malkeinu [High Holy Day liturgy] Max Janowski [1912-1991]

Our Creator, our Sovereign, hear our voices, we have sinned against You. Have compassion on us and on our children; make an end to sickness, war, and famine. Make an end to all oppression. Inscribe us for blessing in the Book of Life. Let the New Year be a good year for us. Fill our hands with blessing. Be gracious and answer us, for we have little merit. Treat us generously and with kindness and be our help. Hear our voices! Cantors Paul Buch, Jen Roher and David Reinwald

Songs of Joy & Transformation

Mah Tovu [liturgy, from Numbers 24, Psalms 5, 26 ,69] Debbie Friedman [1951-2011]

Commissioned in honor of the 100th anniversary of the chartering of Congregation Emanu El [San Bernardino, 1991]
How fair are your tents, O Jacob, your dwellings, O Israel. I through Your abundant love, enter Your house; I bow down in awe at Your holy temple. Adonai, I love Your temple abode, the dwelling-place of Your glory. I will humbly bow down low before Adonai, my Maker. As for me, may my prayer come to You, Adonai, at a favorable time. O God, in Your abundant faithfulness, answer me with Your sure deliverance. Cantors Greg Yaroslow and Jennifer Bern-Vogel

Al Sh’loshah D’varim [Pirkei Avot (Mishnah) Allan E. Naplan [b.1973]

The world is sustained by three things: by truth, by justice and by peace Cantors Linda Ecker, Mark Saltzman & Sam Radwine

Yism’chu [Shabbat liturgy] Robbie Solomon [b.1947]

Those who keep Shabbat by calling it a delight will rejoice in Your Realm. The people that hallows Shabbat will delight in Your
goodness. For, being pleased with the Seventh Day, You hallowed it as the most precious of days, drawing our attention to the work of Creation. Cantors Juval Porat, Susan Caro and Greg Yaroslow

Par’o Era Estrellero [Pharaoh was a Stargazer] arr. Eleanor Epstein [b.1950]

Pharaoh was a stargazer. He went out one night to look at the moon. He saw a divine star foretelling that Moses would be born. He commanded that the midwives be brought — all that were in Egypt. To all of them he warned — Don’t catch a Jewish baby! The midwives were Jewish, beloved by God. They caught the babies and fled, and so Moses was born. His sister, the Levite, made him a basket. She covered it with pitch and placed it in the Nile. Cantors Caro, Ecker, Roher, Rosenbloom and Bern-Vogel
Niggun Talmidei Besht [Baal Shem Tov] Ben Steinberg [b.1930] Cantors David Berger & Sam Radwine

L'dor Vador [from the Amidah prayer] Josh Nelson [b.1977]

To all generations we will declare Your greatness, and for all eternity proclaim your holiness. Your praise, O God, shall never depart from our lips. Blessed are You, Adonai, the Holy God. Children of Congregation Emanu El, School for Jewish Learning
Soloists: Sidra Knox, AryeLalezarzade, Annie Swedlove, Elijah Swedlove,
Addie Swedlove, Sydney Weissman Ben J. Hiller [violin]

Songs of Study, Love & Peace

And You Shall Love [Sh’ma prayer – Deut., 6:5-9; Num., 15:40-41] Mark Saltzman [b.1957]

You shall love Adonai Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might . . . Thus you shall remember to observe all My commandments and to be holy to your God. I am Adonai, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God: I am Adonai your God. Cantor Mark Saltzman and the Cantors

Hashkiveinu [Evening liturgy] Jerry Ripley [b.1955]

Grant, O God, that we may lie down in peace, and raise us up, our Guardian, to life renewed. Spread over us the shelter of Your peace. Guide us with Your good counsel; for Your Name’s sake, be our help. Shield and shelter us beneath the shadow of Your wings. Defend us against enemies, illness, war, famine and sorrow. Distance us from wrongdoing. For You, God, watch over us and deliver us. For You, God, are gracious and merciful. Guard our going out and our coming, to life and to peace, evermore. Blessed are You, Adonai, Guardian of Israel, Whose shelter of peace is spread over us, over all Your people Israel, and over Jerusalem. Cantor Jennifer Bern-Vogel

Ahavat Olam [Evening liturgy] A. Rosenbloom [b.1947]/arr. M. Skloff

Everlasting love You offered Your people Israel by teaching us Torah and mitzvot, laws and precepts. Therefore, Adonai, our God, when we lie down and when we rise up, we will meditate on Your laws and Your commandments. We will rejoice in the Torah for ever. Day and night we will reflect on them for they are our life and doing them lengthens our days. Never remove Your love from us. Praise to You, Adonai, who loves Your people Israel. Cantors Aviva Rosenbloom, Paul Buch, and the Cantors

Premiere of CEE Dedication Commission, based on Pirkei Avot 4:1

Who is Wise? Volunteer Choir & Congregation – Part I / Eizehu? Cantata for Soli & Choir – Part II

By Jonathan Comisar [b.1967]

Who is wise? Those who learn from everyone. Who is strong? Those who subdue their impulses.
Who is rich? Those who are happy with their portion. Who is honored? Those who honor all humanity.

Songs of Blessing

Shehecheyanu – Tzvika Pik/arr. Joshua Jacobson [b.1949]

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the universe, for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this season.
Conducted by Cantor Sam Radwine

Amen Shem Nora/Yehalelu Shemo/ arr. Bob Remstein (1989) & David Silverstein (1991)

A traditional Sephardic piyyut (liturgical poem) using texts from Psalm 150 and the Torah Service.
Soli and Choirs Conducted by Cantor Sam Radwine